In a world devastated by eternal wars, heroes come forth to right the wrongs, help the helpless or to be the villans themselves and claim what they feel rightfully belongs to them. With monsters and demons, Gods and Elementals, there is no place of refuge for these great heroes, only eternal battle for their salvation or damnation. Will you forge your sword, carve your bow, sharpen your dagger and summon your staff, or will you remain in the false safety of your home, forever a pawn of those more powerful and willing to risk it all? Welcome to the world of Swords and Sorcery!!

The Deal

August 25, 2009

I want to first apologize to everyone who is reading this that I have gone nearly two weeks without updating it.  I fear that my work load has become increasingly difficult as we prepare to return to the states, and while getting home is a great thing, that means little time to work on this project [...]

Back at Work

August 13, 2009

After a long time, well three weeks,of being on R+R I am finally not only back in the office but finally settled down as well.  Unfortunately as my unit begins to ready itself to return to home, my job as the UMO will pick up, and has picked up, quite a bit, making for far [...]

Three main parts, but what the diff?

August 4, 2009

So, as I sit here in the USO at the Atlanta airport, waiting 8 hours till my flight with my computer power supply in my pocket because otherwise I would have to check it in my main bag, I realize that I have nothing better to do than go into some in depth discussion about [...]